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About ProFleet

About Us

ProFleet, part of TSG (Tokheim Services Group), is a leading provider of dedicated commercial and fleet fuelling solutions. Our breadth of offer aims to give you choice. This consists of four core elements: Dispensers, Systems, Service and Construction.

ProFleet products have been associated with exceptional quality for more than a century. Providing high quality solutions is embedded deep in the culture of our organisation. An experienced team of global product marketers and engineers continue the tradition of developing highly innovative, quality, equipment today and in preparation for tomorrow.

ProFleet has specialised in managing the development of private fuel builds and associated projects including systems and IT infrastructure for more than thirty years. We have a range of products and a team of local and central specialists in place that can work in partnership with you to deliver the best all round solution for managing your fuel.

Our direct presence across 28 countries ensures we remain close to our customers at all times across the globe. We are there every step of the way from initial discussions, through to delivery and installation, after sales support and service in the future.

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