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Fiat selects Tokheim ProFleet


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The Fiat Group (Automobile Research & development P.D. Services) has selected Tokheim ProFleet equipment and services for its sites in Balocco, Italy. The high-speed Q110 fuel dispensers and DiaLOG fuel management systems were installed on the private fuelling station that is situated beside Fiat’s famous test track in Balocco (Vercelli). Tokheim Italy project managed the completion of the new site including the installation of Tokheim commercial dispensers, fuel management systems, tank gauges, probes, and provided full installation works on the site.


More than 20,000 vehicles use the test track each year, clocking up mileage of more than 9,000,000 km. The test track houses a full F1 racing circuit for high-speed testing. Vehicles using the facility include the famous brands of Ferrari, Abarth, Maserati and of course Fiat’s own vehicle range.

Fiat were looking for a system to help reduce the time taken to authorise and refuel their drivers’ vehicles, plus they wanted a solution to help improve wetstock management on the site. Tokheim ProFleet’s fuel management system, DiaLOG, has helped streamline the refuelling process. More than 200 RFID tags have been issued to the drivers to provide a faster and more secure authorisation process. Fiat staff have been fully trained in using DiaLOG’s powerful reporting and analysis tools, which has helped improve the wetstock management, invoicing and the timing of deliveries to the busy site.