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New I/O features for DiaLOG


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DiaLOG, designed for fleet and commercial companies of all sizes, is an established and well proven fuel management system that allows the more effective control of fuel. Following feedback that highlighted the latest requirements for the commercial fleet operators to know what happens in and around their fuel depot, DiaLog has been upgraded.

7 DiaLog_00001_full 470DiaLOG fuel management system now offers the integration of an Input / Output box (I/O box) that can be used to have extended alert features:

  • Inputs can be used to trigger an event that can be configured to be treated as an alert
  • Outputs can be used to activate variety of features, such as an alarm bell in case an alert is raised

The I/O box is controlled by DiaLOG through the TCP/IP network, connected by an Ethernet switch. Any DiaLOG terminal having network connectivity to an I/O box can control it. If a single I/O box is not sufficient, several boxes can be used to increase the number of inputs or outputs, with a limit of 4 per terminal.

The additional features of the DiaLog will better connect operators to activities within their fuel depot – yet another innovative solution from Tokheim.


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About Tokheim

Tokheim Group S.A.S., based in Paris, France, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers of fuel dispensing and automation equipment. With operations in many countries around the globe, Tokheim offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, payment terminals, media devices, replacement parts and upgrade kits, and a full range of support services, including maintenance, service station construction and project management.  For more information visit

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Joanna Rice
Tokheim Group Marketing Communications Manager
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