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Tokheim ProFleet: The new name for the commercial sector


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At Automechanika Tokheim is pleased to launch our new ProFleet business. We have a range of products and a team of local and central specialists (across engineering, retail IT, project conception and construction disciplines) in place that can work in partnership with you to deliver the best all round solution for managing your fuel. Tokheim ProFleet provides a dedicated set of services to the commercial fleet industries. Design, build, install and service – there every step of the way.

Tokheim ProFleet’s Products and Services include:


The DiaLOG is a browser-based fuel management system that allows you to control your fuel more effectively. For the DiaLOG hardware you can choose from a standalone terminal to control multiple dispensers or opt for a fuel management solution integrated in a Quantium 110 or 210 fuel dispenser.

Quantium Fuel Dispensers and AdBlue® Solutions

Our range of Quantium dispensers for the commercial fleet sector are renowned for their quality. Our products and our manufacturing plants are ATEX and MID certified. We offer a flexible range of AdBlue® dispensers as well as a variety of tank storage options ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 Litres.

SmartFuel for Tokheim ProFleet

SmartFuel is Tokheim’s advanced vehicle identification solution that links directly to DiaLOG. SmartFuel authorises the transaction through a tag fitted to the vehicle; reducing fraud and paperwork. With the GPS system, the transfer of mileage data can be automated. SmartFuel simplifies the complete transaction from inserting the nozzle, fuelling the vehicle and returning the nozzle to the boot.

Project Management and Support Services

Our local teams can cover everything from the development of CAD drawings and specifications, pipe and tank works through to the construction of fuelling areas, and finally to the installation, commissioning and servicing of equipment. We also install and maintain our products as well as a full range of third-party suppliers fuel equipment.