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AdBlue® Dispensers & Solutions

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AdBlue dispensers

Fast, reliable and accurate fuel dispensing is the minimum you can expect with Tokheim’s AdBlue® range. If you’re searching for a quality AdBlue® dispenser you’ll be happy to know that Tokheim has been at the forefront of AdBlue® dispensing technology over the last decade, providing thousands

of customers across Europe with quality solutions. Our local sales and service divisions are geared towards helping you find a solution that’s right for your forecourt business. We offer a flexible range of standalone or combined ‘combo’ dispensers as well as a variety of tank storage options ranging from 4000 to 10000 Litres.

Dispenser Range

Our AdBlue® dispensers come in a variety of models and options. These include entry-level models such as the Q110 AdBlue® up to our high end and feature-rich Q510 AdBlue® dispenser. Tokheim’s experienced sales teams will help you choose the right model.

Q110 AdBlue®

The Q110 AdBlue® dispenser is a cost-effective solution that’s both reliable and robust. Its simple, one- nozzle, design is suited to basic layouts. The entry-level design may not deliver some of the advanced features from the Q510 but it still benefits from the same high quality components and finishing.


AdBlue® can be extremely corrosive, that’s why Tokheim has designed a set of specialist components for our AdBlue® dispensers. Our TQM AdBlue® meter is widely regarded as the most reliable in the industry – that means it operates for longer and requires less servicing over its lifetime. All hydraulic components have been tested and validated to ensure they are suitable to be used with AdBlue® over the lifetime of the dispenser. More on TQM

AdBlue Combo Pump and Dispenser for service stations
Q510 AdBlue®

Our Q510 AdBlue® dispenser comes as a sleek stand-alone dispenser; combined with a multi-product dispenser or integrated within an AdBlue® container design. It provides you with the flexibility for one or two hoses for busy sites. The Q510 AdBlue® dispenser can be equipped with an integrated DiaLOG fuel management system.


Sliding Door

AdBlue® is not just corrosive, it’s particularly sensitive to temperature and begins to crystalise when in contact with air. As such, dispensing of AdBlue® can become messy and the fuelling station can quickly become untidy. Tokheim’s patented sliding door solution overcomes these hurdles with a heat controlled technology system that provides a clean environment for your customers to refuel in. The carefully engineered design is easy to use without the ‘stickiness’ typically associated with AdBlue® dispensers.

AdBlue mini-bulk storage tank
AdBlue® Storage Tanks

If you are interested in AdBlue® storage tanks we can advise you on what size of mini or maxi-bulk tanks would best fit your business needs. We offer a range of dispenser integrated tanks between 4,000-10,000 litres in capacity. The storage tanks are installed by Tokheim’s local team of experts for a long-lasting flexible quality dispensing solution.

Base Models*
  • Standard speed (20 l/min.)
  • Double-sided and single-sided models
  • Combined standard speed-high speed
  • Combined standard speed-very high speed

Flow rates depend on model, underground site layout, site altitude and ambient temperature and selected options

*Only in countries where authorised / approved for use

Optional features
  • Programming switch
  • Preset functions via push buttons
  • Product indication lights
  • IR remote control compatible
  • Mechanical totalisers on meter
  • Ground frame
  • Heating system
  • Breakaway couplings
  • Low temperature kit
  • Various stainless steel cladding solutions
  • Customised livery of complete dispenser
  • Fuel Theft Prevention

Only core features and options are listed. For more detailed information on available options, please contact your local Tokheim representative.

Environmental conditions
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Cold climate: -40°C to +55°C (optional)
  • Temperature of fluid: -25°C to +25°C
  • Viscosity of fluid: < 10-4 m2/s
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Altitude: from sea level to 2000 m

As Tokheim regularly improves its products in line with evolving market and regulatory requirements, it reserves the right to change any of the specifications of these products without prior notice.