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Construction & Installation

Concept to delivery…Project management from the commercial fleet specialists

The development of any new fuelling station is a project that requires expert knowledge. Tokheim ProFleet has been managing the development of commercial fuel builds and associated projects including systems and IT infrastructure for more than thirty years. We have a range of products and a team of local and central specialists (across engineering, retail IT, project conception and construction disciplines) in place that can work in partnership with you to deliver the best all round solution for managing your fuel.


Professional standards from start to finish

A personal and dedicated project manager can look after the complete project for you from the outset. We will provide you with a range of layout options for your new site and will work closely with you to manage all the intricate environmental and safety paperwork required. Our local teams can cover everything from the development of CAD drawings and specifications, pipe and tank works through to the construction of fuelling areas and to the installation and commissioning of equipment.

Civil Engineering

We coordinate the civil engineering aspects of the project as well as undertaking all necessary pipe and electrical works. Tokheim ProFleet uses a common set of rules, guidelines and reporting tools to help ensure a high level of professionalism and adherence to both local and global standards wherever we operate.


Partnering on IT Solutions 

There are a huge variety of hardware and software systems available to help run commercial fleet businesses. The key issue is how to best integrate, manage and make use of all this data. Tokheim are market leaders in providing effective IT solutions to complex systems projects. We have experienced local teams in place that are supported by a global Systems and Electronics Business Unit (SEBU). Tokheim works in partnership with commercial fleet companies and independent networks to deliver effective fuel management solutions.