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The DiaLOG fuel management system allows you to control your fuel more effectively. It is a proven solution that has been designed for fleet and commercial companies of all sizes. DiaLOG is a browser-based platform that lets you manage your fuel and

equipment from any computer without the need to install software. For the DiaLOG hardware you can select a standalone terminal to control multiple dispensers or opt for a fuel management system (FMS) integrated Quantium 110 or 210 fuel dispenser solution.

Wetstock management

Key data and analytics can be accessed through the easy-to-use DiaLOG web portal. The intuitive interface provides useful tools to help you manage your fuel day-to-day. You can view stock levels, know the status of your equipment, set-up alerts, and review all the transactions that have taken place onsite. What’s more, because DiaLOG is browser-based you won’t ever need to install or update software on your computer now or in the future.


Dispenser control

You can connect to all types of fuel dispensers with ease through the fully integrated digital pump controller. All types of pumps can be connected to DiaLOG, including third party dispensers.


Authorisation Methods

Vehicle and driver identification is available through contactless tags, magnetic cards, electronic keys or through SmartFuel, our automatic vehicle identification solution. A robust alphanumeric keypad allows for additional information input such as PIN codes, mileage and hours.

Design Options

With a sleek and contemporary design, SlimDiaLOG has one of the industry’s smallest footprints. DiaLOG also comes fully integrated within our Quantium 210-D or 110-D dispensers. Both the standalone and dispenser integrated models are housed in robust frames with protective coated panels that provide long-lasting life, in the harshest conditions.

Multi-Lingual options

The DiaLOG currently supports over 20 different languages both at the terminal display and the administration screens. This helps simplify the overall fuelling process and reduce the amount of time it takes to fuel a vehicle.

DiaLOG on your smartphone or tablet

You can access all of your DiaLOG reports and data from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or at home, you can log-in to DiaLOG remotely so you have quick and easy access to your site’s data.

Watch DiaLOG in action

Base models

The DiaLOG terminal can be found:

– In the stand alone slim pole
– In the wall cabinet
– In the truck box
– Integrated in a Tokheim dispenser

Technical Specifications*

  • Microprocessor board with web server and dispenser connections; EIN protocol for Tokheim dispensers or RS-485 connection for 3rd party dispensers equipped with appropriate distribution kit
  • Keyboard; numeric with function keys
  • Display with 2 lines of 20 characters; user language on display is selectable, the current fuel delivery is shown
  • RFID reader; 125 kHz technology
  • Data storage on SD card with local backup on USB stick
  • Connection via TCP/IP – ethernet to local network
  • Weather protection case IP65
  • Wall/Truck box and SlimDiaLOG need to be installed in a non hazardous area (safe  zone)

Optional peripherals

  • Full alphabetic keypad
  • Alternative RFID readers
  • Other reader technologies (e.g. ISO2 magnetic card, Dallas key, automatic vehicle identification)
  • Wi-Fi bridges to replace cable link
  • GPRS modem for remote control where ADSL is not available
  • Tank level gauge systems
  • Oil management system (connection via pulses)
  • Specific box to drive gates or carwash systems
  • Ticket printer (MID configurations excluded)
Optional features
  •  Communication options:

– ADSL (cable)
– VDSL modem (cable)
– WiFi bridges
– GPRS modem

  • Tags in various colors
  • Tags with company logo
  • USB stick used for report/export transfer (for isolated site)
  • Full alphabetical keypad
  • Ticket printer
  • Various readers to read existing cards or RFID tags
  • MID compliant
  • Tank level gauge connection
  • The terminal is built around a processor board which drives:

– a hydrocarbon resistant alphanumeric or full alphabetic keypad
– a display (2 x 20 characters)
– 3 different readers (simultaneously)

  • The terminal can be connected via:

– a hydrocarbon resistant alphanumeric or full alphabetic keypad
– a display (2 x 20 characters)
– 3 different readers (simultaneously)

  • Control over up to 16 nozzles / contacts


  • No software limitation on vehicles / drivers numbers
  • Multiple operators can use the system simultaneously
  • Multilingual both at terminal level and for the management screens
  • MID certification option for volumes
  • Remote maintenance and software update  / download
  • Complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, 89/336/EEC and 94/9/EC
  • Our production facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant